Visit Yoginâm and come for a personal retreat
Yoginâm lives in the Nâm Monastery in Níjar with a few monks. If you would like to visit Yoginâm, you can book your stay at the Asharum, located opposite the monastery. You will be welcomed by the monk who has been living near Yoginâm for most of his life. During your stay you will be invited for HarpMood, Yoginâm’s unique way of meditation and communication. 
Furthermore, Yoginâm usually makes a daily walk through the garden and informally there may be an opportunity to meet him.
Besides, you are welcome to join the daily rhythm of the Asharum with meditations and meals and enjoy the special serenity of the place. If you have any specific questions during your stay, the monks of the monastery and the staff of the Asharum are always at your disposal.

Request a stay by sending an e-mail to or click the button below:

Nâm Retreat of Silence

A Nâm Retreat of Silence provided by Yoginâm and the monks is a deepening experience that steers to inner silence. In a Nâm Retreat you can let yourself be carried along by the concentration and serenity of the retreat programme and the life of the monks. You can literally let go of everything; you are being accommodated in a single room and food is being served three times a day. The daily meditation rhythm allows to enter deeper states of inner silence.
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