Communication with Harp

Yoginâm is not a musician, nor a harpist. He translates his inner state into sounds.
His inner state is not individual though, it is entirely rooted in a limitless sharing which you are part of. As a result, the sounds are a reflection of those who are present.

Once people know how to allow the flow of sounds to engulf them, they often experience
that during or after the participation in HarpMood they had completely forgotten about
questions or problems that were bothering them. These can be deep spiritual questions or
even ordinary problems of day-to-day life.

So, what does HarpMood actually do to you?
The sounds that you hear resonate through you.
You just have to adopt an attitude of openness in order to experience its benefits.

There are three settings during which one can experience HarpMood:

HarpMood Meditation takes place communally, during group meditation.
This type can be experienced when visiting Yoginâm, or by way of the online broadcast.

Individual HarpMood takes place during a one-to-one meeting with Yoginâm. When visiting La Ermita, this type of HarpMood is held daily.

During HarpMood Healing, Yoginâm’s HarpMood is attuned to a specific, previously discussed problem, or the particular situation a person is dealing with. During your visit to Yoginâm, HarpMood Healing can be requested at any time.