Without opinions of knowing and knowledge
Where words and feelings do not taint silence
Where I and you is a useless distinction
There only speaks the language of Love

In his presence
By HarpMood and by his books
Questions and considerations
Are smashed in Oneness

Ideas and assumptions about gods and god
About spirituality, masters, guides and mystics
All truths, beliefs and their hopes and fears
Fade in the light of all-embracing

Welcome, seeker of Love
You are on this website probably because you are interested in ways of reaching profound wellbeing.

Yoginâm lived and worked in various countries around the Mediterranean. Profound experiences added a dimension to his life that eventually culminated in a task. This task is to serve people as a guide to the state of well-being behind words and concepts.
Universal Guidance
Yoginâm is visited by people from all cultural backgrounds.

These days, where society and the fleeting digital world put more and more pressure on humanity and where the stress level keeps rising, people are looking to psychologists, therapists or coaches in order to find a balance.

Countless forms of exercises are created for the same purpose, such as yoga and many varieties of mindfulness. Anyway, the question remains as to what truly works in order to live a life in a state of stable well-being. 

While being in the presence of Yoginâm, you open up for a completely new way of orientation, which brings you closer to this ultimate human state.
Communication with Sounds
Yoginâm communicates by sound with Harpmood and through his own written books and poetry. 

Yoginâm’s communication is universal and open for everyone to experience.
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