Without opinions of knowing and knowledge
Where words and feelings do not taint silence
Where I and you is a useless distinction
There only speaks the language of Love

In his presence
By HarpMood and by his books
Questions and considerations
Are smashed in Oneness

Ideas and assumptions about gods and god
About spirituality, masters, guides and mystics
All truths, beliefs and their hopes and fears
Fade in the light of all-embracing

Welcome, seeker of Love
From a very early age, Yoginâm had a distinctive perception on human living. In the realisation that there was no difference between a ‘sense of I’ and a ‘sense of world’, Yoginâm naturally interacted with the world in unconditional and humble respect for everyone and everything.

Yoginâm lived and worked in various countries around the Mediterranean and he currently lives a secluded life in Andalucía, Spain. Profound experiences added a dimension to his life which eventually culminated into a task. This task consists in living a life of service as a guide for people who are searching for profound meaning.
Just being in the presence of Yoginâm can be a catalyst for transformation. Some people choose to live close to Yoginâm and throughout the year he is visited by many individuals. Yoginâm himself has gone through all the subtleties of a path towards well-being, after which only non-judgmental openness prevails. From that state, he lives in natural service to mankind.

Because words never grasp the essence, Yoginâm communicates by sound, with so-called HarpMood. HarpMood helps to uncover the natural quality and responsibility of every individual, which steers towards more well-being, both individually and collectively.
Discover Harpmood
During his life, Yoginâm translated a path to well-being in the way of Nâm. Nam includes a new vocabulary in order to free the mind from existing paradigms. That is how Nâm serves the process to more openness. Nâm is free of dogmas and rules. In Nâm, only what matters for living in well-being counts.

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