Meet the Sage Yoginâm

Yoginâm can always be visited, when you feel you are ready for it.

Three ways for such an encounter are available:

The Pure Nâm Experience

The programme of a Pure Nâm Experience supports a lasting beneficial effect on the visitor. After the programme, you will take home concrete instruments of LivingNâm, that you can apply in your daily life. For him or her considering a first visit to Yoginâm this option is advisable, since the programme will be designed specifically.

Nâm Retreat
of Silence

A 5-day Nâm Retreat of Silence offers a daily programme that supports you in completely stepping outside of your daily patterns. Yoginâm’s participation with HarpMood makes this form of retreat quite special and truly unique.

Individual Visits

​Aside from the above options, an individual visit is in principal always possible, when you wish for this, depending on the agenda. Depending on Yoginâm’s availability, you will be invited daily to attend a communal or individual HarpMood.


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