The Nâm Retreat of Silence

with Yoginâm

Allow yourself to discover what a Pure Life is

Why a Silence Retreat ?

A Nâm Retreat of Silence with Yoginâm is a very special experience. 
The week is the ultimate immersion in LivingNâm, with its instruments. It is a true silent retreat, with five days of complete silence. The silence is supported by a balanced programme, in which the instruments of LivingNâm take a central position.
The idea is that there is no communication at all during the silent days. This means participants 
do not communicate and that phones or other digital devices are not used. In addition, you will not occupy yourself with other daily affairs. This is not a hard and fast rule, but an invitation to create for yourself a situation that enables you to fully experience a state of silence. The daily programme of six meetings, combined with the application of the instruments, carries you through the day and offers support and direction, in the experience of silence.

His Presence

Being in the presence of Yoginâm one will immediately experience the immense concentration and compassion he radiates for all beings. Speaking with him you will feel how true and real his listening and guidance resonates in you. To be able to share in his state of being is an enlightening experience because of the deeply heartfelt sincerity and dedication to Love and peaceful living. Many who have been blessed with his presence witness it as a life changing event.



Every human being seeks well-being and happiness,
but how do you realise this? Welcome to the world of LivingNâm.

The world currently battles a number of different kinds of crises, and they will have a huge influence on the life of future generations. It is fundamental for something to change, otherwise things will become increasingly problematic. We are able to change from the inside that what we are as humans, in order for the notion of why we are alive to return to us. This change causes harmony in yourself, as well as in the
world. With LivingNâm you take back responsibility for your life, which is transcendental by nature. For an optimal attunement, it is useful to apply ‘indirect instruments’. These instruments date back thousands of years, and within LivingNâm there are several ways to discover the applicability of these instruments. Are you looking for stable happiness and well-being, and are you prepared to give it your all? Or are you looking for more meaning, and you’d like to have a kind of compass for your

Discover LivingNâm and a world will open.
The Sage Yoginâm offers LivingNâm as an answer to our modern times.


The Nâm Retreat of Silence can be booked throughout the year in the following places: 

Salobreña (Spain)

In La Ermita, the hermitage where Yoginâm lives in peace and tranquility. Placed over the sea, in the heart of the magical Andalusia.

Sardinia (Italy)

In Villa Tecla, a suggestive monastery open to any form of universal spirituality. Placed in the south of the ancient Sardinian island.

Amonines (Belgium)

In Asharum Amonines, the Belgian Nâm Retreat Center. Placed in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes nature. Yoginâm visits it in August.


Discover the dates of the next Nâm Retreats of Silence with Yoginâm

La Ermita • Andalusia • Spain

Introduction day: 20 November
Silence days: 21 November – 25 November
Goodbye day: 26 November


nov 2019

La Ermita • Andalusia • Spain

Introduction day: 27 December
Silence days: 28 December – 1 January
Goodbye day: 2 January


dec 2019

La Ermita • Andalusia • Spain

Introduction day: 24 February
Silence days: 25 – 29 February
Goodbye day: 1 March


FEB 2020

Cagliari • Sardinia • Italy

Introduction day: 30 May
Silence days: 31 May – 4 June
Goodbye day: 5 June


may 2020

Amonines • Ardennes • Belgium

Introduction day: 31 July
Silence days: 1 – 5 August
Goodbye day: 6 August


july 2020

The Program

The daily programme of the five silent days is as follows:

You will receive a copy of “Meaning & Joy of LivingNâm“, and a password for the website, which enables you to tune in to the HarpMood Broadcast for one month.

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Nām silence retreats are made up of a maximum of 15 people, so places are limited.

When planning your journey and flight, please take into account that your presence is required before 16pm on the Introduction Day, and that the programme ends at noon on the Goodbye Day.

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