What kind of work should one do to contribute to society
and to life?

Well you ask me two different questions.
They are the obvious question, which is what people, what kind of career people should do in order to contribute to the organisation of social, to society, the organisation of the world.
But there is a hidden question and that is what is spirituality doing with that.
Because I don’t know what job you that should take.
I am not a job advisor. I’m not an economic advisor either so I don’t know the good career possibilities.
But I know that people who are drawn to spirituality in one another way have to give in to that, so they have to search a kind of way in order to adjust to that calling.
If they don’t do that they become terribly unhappy. In every job. In any job.
There are people who are perfectly happy in some external jobs. That’s fine.
Beautiful. They don’t need anything else. But those who know that there is something more to life than that, and only those, should be guided on the spiritual way.
It’s part of their becoming full human beings.
There are trees and there are bushes and there is grass and they’re different.
In the same way human beings are different.
Not all human beings are the same.
If you look at human beings you see that they are not.
They are equal as human beings.
And equally valuable as human beings.
But every human being fills in his particular niche within human society.
And those who are called on a spiritual path, they will find their way.
They have to find their way.
They will be given, they wil be put in positions in which they have to give in.
I can tell you from my own situation.
I was having quite an ordinary job, I was interested in spiritual things.
And I was working for United Nations and a civil servant and everything like
that and I had a certain plan for life.
And then in an odd way I got this letter from my master at that time and oh if I want to see, if you want to meet the master you can come to London.
That struck me like a bomb. I did not like to go.
I did not want to go, I had different plans!
But I knew I had to go. And when I finally gave in, I took a very short trip to London.
Saturday I went to London; I already had a reservation for Sunday afternoon to go back.
Not much can happen , at least I’m there.
But I came back and I was his representative already and it lasted for 13 years.
So I just, I knew I had to give in. And the same way to where I’m sitting now.
I never planned to be a spiritual master, it came my way and therefore I had to give in.
I had to fill in this task. So, you have an odd question.
One question is society, which I have no advice to give you.
Look in the job centres and see what is a good study to take.
And the other is; what is the deeper value of your life, and for that you have to listen.
And see what life brings to you. See to where life is guiding you. What meetings it gives you.