What is the importance of spirituality nowadays? I think it is just as important as it always was. Except nowadays true spirituality is lacking and I conclude that from looking at the world, looking at the people, looking at their ideals, looking at what they say, looking about their agonies, looking at their illnesses. Then I must conclude: “Well, spirituality is lacking.” Because if they would be spiritual beings they would not be in agony, they would not have those illnesses, they would not feel the way they feel, they would not behave the way they do.

There’s never been an ideal time you see, when we look at the past there’s never been a golden age in the past. That’s an illusion. People have always been struggling. And I think that this struggle is part of life, it is a task of living.

Our niche, our human niche is supposed to take in a certain amount of impulses and in our head make those impulses and cook those impulses into a harmonious whole, into creating the garden, the inner garden, harmonious inner garden, in creating the paradise.

The image of the paradise is not that there is somewhere some garden waiting for you. No, for me the image of the paradise is a garden you have to grow yourself. And you do that by managing the way you manage your experience.

When you see something horrible you can look at it two ways. When you experience a disadvantage you can look at it two ways. You can feel a victim or you can see a challenge. Whatever you like, it’s up to you. But one will create a certain kind of plant and the other will create another kind of plant. And I think the human niche with all the capabilities we have, naturally, if you analyse them, that must be our task. Because that’s what we are doing.

What are we doing in life? We are basically absorbing images and in our head we are creating memory of those images. We’re not doing anything else, that’s what we are doing. So there we have to look if we want to find out what the task of living is. That’s the task we have been given by life. Like a plant has been given the task of producing fruits or whatever.

I find the bees very instructive in this you see. What is the task of the bees? Is it producing honey? No, it’s not the task of the bees. The task of the bees is pollination, that’s their task. It’s a very delicate process of electric magnetic fields and everything like it. It’s profoundly interesting. But those bees are not aware of that, they don’t know that at all. They are just going around collecting honey, that’s their job collecting honey. But their main task is something else and the same thing with human beings. We go around by doing our normal things but basically our task is to change energy. We are big transformers. That’s the human niche.

If you ask me exactly: “Why are we seeing this world? Why are we living in this world? Why we see the mess around us.” I would say: “Well, we have a heavy task now.” We have a heavy task to make this world, which from all logical perspective seems to be absurd, into something acceptable. By infusing it with something else. Love for instance.