Good question: “What is spirituality?” It is being what you are. Living the full potential of what it means to be a human being, that’s spirituality. Of course people think that the limited human being is a human being. But the human being is more than the limited human being. So true spirituality includes that.

And unfortunately many books of the spirituality supermarket do not include that part.

I have a very nice image that I use when I want to explain it. And that is the image of the angel. You are an angel. You’re a big angel with two wings. One wing is the wing of experience. That means everything that you understand, everything that you feel, everything that you know, everything that you do, wish, desire, believe is the wing of experience.

The other is the wing of awareness. That is the wing on which you depend, because you depend on having two wings. Those two wings have to be together, because otherwise you can’t fly. Without a wing of awareness you can’t fly, so you’re not a human being, you are only half an angel, an invalid angel. Grounded angel.

The problem with this wing of awareness is that you cannot understand it, you cannot do anything about allowing it to grow. It’s not like something you learn, it’s not like a wisdom, it’s not like a knowledge, it’s not like an ability to stand on your head or not.

You have to allow the wing to become part of your life, because although, as long as you’re an invalid angel and you have only one wing, nevertheless the other wing is there. It’s lame, it’s not used, it’s fake you have no access to it. You have to do certain things in order to make this wing alive. When it’s alive you’re allowed to fly or you can fly.

So spirituality does not mean ignoring life. It does not mean sitting on a mountain top with your eyes closed. For some people sitting on a mountain top with their eyes closed, in extreme circumstances, is helpful for a short period to get rid of some programmes. But you’re not alive then. So it always depends on the two wings together, to be a full human being. Not on one, not on the wing of experience alone and not on the wing of awareness alone.

How do I know my wing of awareness? I know it exclusively by the colour of my experience. So you can never say: “O, I know it, I’m aware.” No, you cannot say. It appears by the way you experience. So it’s the colour of experience that shows your degree of awareness.

So if you keep this image of the angel, you can adapt it to every age group you like. And it’s not a new image, it’s a very old image. It is an ancient image, a Zoroastrian image even, old Hindu image, you encounter it everywhere. In the west when we see an angel we quickly see these Renaissance paintings in front of our eyes, but that is one side, that’s not the angel I mean.