If you want to know what a spiritual master is doing, you have to know what a spiritual master is.

A spiritual master is somebody who in one or another way, attracts devotees and I don’t know why. But, apart from just being charismatic, the real duty of a spiritual master, that what makes him a real spiritual master is that he makes the conclusion that he should care for those people who come to him for his advice and his guidance.

And then there are two ways you can deal with that. The bad way is that the spiritual master says: Oh I know everything and you have to become like me. Poor devotees, but if it’s their path, it’s their path.

I say: no, no, everybody is individual. And I will guide everybody according to who they are. If a Muslim comes to me, I guide him as a Muslim. If a Hindu comes to me, I guide him as a Hindu. If an atheist comes to me, I guide him as an atheist. And if a Buddhist comes to me, I guide him as a Buddhist.

Because, everybody is an individual and everybody has an individual life. And what is important is that that particular person becomes so complete that he is allowed of ah… it is possible for him to have two wings. So I have to activate this wings, this other wing, this awareness wing.

That is for everybody different. But there are certain ways, the last 6000 years that we know that work. Because we are human beings and we have a kind of programmes in our head. We react in particular ways. And therefore there are certain methods which you can use. But that is not something consciously using a method like psycho-analysis or something like it.

No it’s, listening. Listening to that in which both you and the spiritual master share. There’s never a spiritual master here and a seeker there. Never. The moment the seeker comes to the spiritual master, there is a unity master-seeker. So, there is never a flow from one side to the other side. It is always a swimming together in the universe. Swimming together in love. And while swimming, the spiritual master teaches the seeker to swim.

But he has to swim alone. I can’t keep holding his hand, he has to swim alone. The spiritual master is not the teacher that he’s often been taken for. The spiritual master has no influence on the … or does not seek influence, let’s say it that way. These are all projections of the people who write about that.