The HarpMood is a kind of a healing. It is a communication.

I do not know what I’m going to play the moment or the instant before I touch the string. And I’m sometimes very surprised what I’m playing. Usually before a HarpMood I get the inspiration of what Mood I have to tune the harp in. And each Mood has a slightly different expression, a slightly different atmosphere. And then it flows. And it appears that people are touched by it. And I don’t know why they’re touched because it is beyond me.

Therefore the HarpMood is a moment of sharing, a moment of sharing in a different kind of resonance. Like with the healing it lifts you out of an ordinary life situation and it allows life to take care of itself.

So sometimes you’re with a problem and the problem is turning around in your head and you can’t find a solution. And it happens very often that people participate in a HarpMood and then suddenly there’s a solution or suddenly the whole problem disappears. “What was the problem again, oh I forgot about it” the problem is not there any longer, that can happen.

So HarpMood is communication. Communication on a different level, a different resonance, a different frequency than ordinary communication. There’s no broadcast with the mind-broadcast and there’s no mind-reception. And therefore it can be pure, it can be open, it flows.