Personal Encounter

When Yoginâm Frédéric is in residence in his Ermita in Southern Spain, there is the possibility for a personal encounter.

Yoginâm usually receives guests twice a day, during which encounter he bestows on the guests a HarpMood, which many experience as a blessing and a healing. A number of consecutive days of such an experience may lead to a profound change, which depending on the needs of the guest, may be physical, psychological or spiritual.

You are welcome to stay at the guest house which is next to La Ermita, which has two separate double bedrooms with bathrooms, a kitchen, balcony and roof terrace with a view on the Mediterranean. There is also a swimming pool, which guests are free to use.

When the need arises there can be a verbal exchange about specific problems or situations, while Yoginâm’s assistants are always ready to assist you with your queries whenever possible. Because many use this opportunity of a personal encounter, it is necessary to make reservations beforehand.

Please send an e-mail to to inform about this opportunity.