Nâm Retreat of Silence

Do you often feel tired or bored; anxious and stressful? Can’t you see the ‘meaning of it all’ any longer? Do you need to overcome a trauma or a loss? Do you think that the whole world is against you or that nobody understands you? Or do just want a change and a different direction in your life? Maybe it is time to take a Nâm Retreat of Silence.

During a Nâm Retreat of Silence, which lasts 5 days, together with some people, you observe total silence and avoid wordless communication as much as possible.

People often search for relief of stress in taking time off, in doing something else like going on a vacation. However as soon as they are back in regular life, everything is as before. The problem that causes stress is not horizontal but vertical. It is not about what you do but how you do it.

In order to deal differently with regular life situations you need to reprogram the so called Habitual Programmes of Perception, which are like Apps, that you create by living in the way you do. Subsequently these Apps determine how you access your world, in other words: how you relate to living. These Apps are unconscious and you cannot reprogram them with learning and trying.

A Nâm Retreat of Silence is a transcendental psychology that is rooted in primordial wisdom and based on what you are as an experiencing human sense of being and how you can most beneficially relate to the larger whole of which you are an integral part.

Just suddenly being silent generally leads to a racing mind. Calming such a mind just by silence would require much longer than the relatively short time available for a retreat. Therefore during a Nâm Retreat of Silence you receive instruments that act like a catalyst and speed up the necessary inner alchemy of reprogramming.

The aim of this alchemy is to enlighten your daily life and guide it, from within, towards progressing degrees of unconditional WellBeing in living and ultimately in post-living. Well-being is the potential of all living.

Next to inner instruments that you use individually, five times a day the participants in a Nâm Retreat of Silence gather for a meditation or recitation. Such traditional instruments are very suitable for reprogramming.

The Habitual Programmes of Perception are unconscious; you cannot know them and you cannot manage them directly. They appear only in the way in which you deal with regular life situations.
With the reprogramming that is activated by taking a Nâm Retreat of Silence you will gradually deal with life in a different way; a way that feels better and that may eventually become your natural state of unconditional Well-Being.

Regular retreats are very important for everybody who is seriously involved in a spiritual quest. The philosophy behind the Yoga of Nâm is a transcendental psychology, it is not religious or spiritual in a sectarian way. Therefore anybody, regardless of religion, spirituality, secularism or ideology can equally benefit from Nâm Retreat of Silence.

There are special Nâm Retreats of Silence in which Yoginâm Frédéric Antonious participates with a selected sequence of twicedaily HarpMoods, that support the individual transformation of each participant. This adds significantly to the intensity of the Nâm Retreat of Silence.

Such Nâm Retreats of Silence with HarpMood are held in La Ermita in Salobreña, in Quartu Sant’Elena in Sardinia and in the Nâm Asharum in Amonines in Belgium.