What kind of work should one do to contribute to society
and to life?

Well you ask me two different questions.
They are the obvious question, which is what people, what kind of career people should do in order to contribute to the organisation of social, to society, the organisation of the world.
But there is a hidden question and that is what is spirituality doing with that.
Because I don’t know what job you that should take.
I am not a job advisor. I’m not an economic advisor either so I don’t know the good career possibilities.
But I know that people who are drawn to spirituality in one another way have to give in to that, so they have to search a kind of way in order to adjust to that calling.
If they don’t do that they become terribly unhappy. In every job. In any job.
There are people who are perfectly happy in some external jobs. That’s fine.
Beautiful. They don’t need anything else. But those who know that there is something more to life than that, and only those, should be guided on the spiritual way.
It’s part of their becoming full human beings.
There are trees and there are bushes and there is grass and they’re different.
In the same way human beings are different.
Not all human beings are the same.
If you look at human beings you see that they are not.
They are equal as human beings.
And equally valuable as human beings.
But every human being fills in his particular niche within human society.
And those who are called on a spiritual path, they will find their way.
They have to find their way.
They will be given, they wil be put in positions in which they have to give in.
I can tell you from my own situation.
I was having quite an ordinary job, I was interested in spiritual things.
And I was working for United Nations and a civil servant and everything like
that and I had a certain plan for life.
And then in an odd way I got this letter from my master at that time and oh if I want to see, if you want to meet the master you can come to London.
That struck me like a bomb. I did not like to go.
I did not want to go, I had different plans!
But I knew I had to go. And when I finally gave in, I took a very short trip to London.
Saturday I went to London; I already had a reservation for Sunday afternoon to go back.
Not much can happen , at least I’m there.
But I came back and I was his representative already and it lasted for 13 years.
So I just, I knew I had to give in. And the same way to where I’m sitting now.
I never planned to be a spiritual master, it came my way and therefore I had to give in.
I had to fill in this task. So, you have an odd question.
One question is society, which I have no advice to give you.
Look in the job centres and see what is a good study to take.
And the other is; what is the deeper value of your life, and for that you have to listen.
And see what life brings to you. See to where life is guiding you. What meetings it gives you.

The HarpMood is a kind of a healing. It is a communication.

I do not know what I’m going to play the moment or the instant before I touch the string. And I’m sometimes very surprised what I’m playing. Usually before a HarpMood I get the inspiration of what Mood I have to tune the harp in. And each Mood has a slightly different expression, a slightly different atmosphere. And then it flows. And it appears that people are touched by it. And I don’t know why they’re touched because it is beyond me.

Therefore the HarpMood is a moment of sharing, a moment of sharing in a different kind of resonance. Like with the healing it lifts you out of an ordinary life situation and it allows life to take care of itself.

So sometimes you’re with a problem and the problem is turning around in your head and you can’t find a solution. And it happens very often that people participate in a HarpMood and then suddenly there’s a solution or suddenly the whole problem disappears. “What was the problem again, oh I forgot about it” the problem is not there any longer, that can happen.

So HarpMood is communication. Communication on a different level, a different resonance, a different frequency than ordinary communication. There’s no broadcast with the mind-broadcast and there’s no mind-reception. And therefore it can be pure, it can be open, it flows.

Good question: “What is spirituality?” It is being what you are. Living the full potential of what it means to be a human being, that’s spirituality. Of course people think that the limited human being is a human being. But the human being is more than the limited human being. So true spirituality includes that.

And unfortunately many books of the spirituality supermarket do not include that part.

I have a very nice image that I use when I want to explain it. And that is the image of the angel. You are an angel. You’re a big angel with two wings. One wing is the wing of experience. That means everything that you understand, everything that you feel, everything that you know, everything that you do, wish, desire, believe is the wing of experience.

The other is the wing of awareness. That is the wing on which you depend, because you depend on having two wings. Those two wings have to be together, because otherwise you can’t fly. Without a wing of awareness you can’t fly, so you’re not a human being, you are only half an angel, an invalid angel. Grounded angel.

The problem with this wing of awareness is that you cannot understand it, you cannot do anything about allowing it to grow. It’s not like something you learn, it’s not like a wisdom, it’s not like a knowledge, it’s not like an ability to stand on your head or not.

You have to allow the wing to become part of your life, because although, as long as you’re an invalid angel and you have only one wing, nevertheless the other wing is there. It’s lame, it’s not used, it’s fake you have no access to it. You have to do certain things in order to make this wing alive. When it’s alive you’re allowed to fly or you can fly.

So spirituality does not mean ignoring life. It does not mean sitting on a mountain top with your eyes closed. For some people sitting on a mountain top with their eyes closed, in extreme circumstances, is helpful for a short period to get rid of some programmes. But you’re not alive then. So it always depends on the two wings together, to be a full human being. Not on one, not on the wing of experience alone and not on the wing of awareness alone.

How do I know my wing of awareness? I know it exclusively by the colour of my experience. So you can never say: “O, I know it, I’m aware.” No, you cannot say. It appears by the way you experience. So it’s the colour of experience that shows your degree of awareness.

So if you keep this image of the angel, you can adapt it to every age group you like. And it’s not a new image, it’s a very old image. It is an ancient image, a Zoroastrian image even, old Hindu image, you encounter it everywhere. In the west when we see an angel we quickly see these Renaissance paintings in front of our eyes, but that is one side, that’s not the angel I mean.

What is the importance of spirituality nowadays? I think it is just as important as it always was. Except nowadays true spirituality is lacking and I conclude that from looking at the world, looking at the people, looking at their ideals, looking at what they say, looking about their agonies, looking at their illnesses. Then I must conclude: “Well, spirituality is lacking.” Because if they would be spiritual beings they would not be in agony, they would not have those illnesses, they would not feel the way they feel, they would not behave the way they do.

There’s never been an ideal time you see, when we look at the past there’s never been a golden age in the past. That’s an illusion. People have always been struggling. And I think that this struggle is part of life, it is a task of living.

Our niche, our human niche is supposed to take in a certain amount of impulses and in our head make those impulses and cook those impulses into a harmonious whole, into creating the garden, the inner garden, harmonious inner garden, in creating the paradise.

The image of the paradise is not that there is somewhere some garden waiting for you. No, for me the image of the paradise is a garden you have to grow yourself. And you do that by managing the way you manage your experience.

When you see something horrible you can look at it two ways. When you experience a disadvantage you can look at it two ways. You can feel a victim or you can see a challenge. Whatever you like, it’s up to you. But one will create a certain kind of plant and the other will create another kind of plant. And I think the human niche with all the capabilities we have, naturally, if you analyse them, that must be our task. Because that’s what we are doing.

What are we doing in life? We are basically absorbing images and in our head we are creating memory of those images. We’re not doing anything else, that’s what we are doing. So there we have to look if we want to find out what the task of living is. That’s the task we have been given by life. Like a plant has been given the task of producing fruits or whatever.

I find the bees very instructive in this you see. What is the task of the bees? Is it producing honey? No, it’s not the task of the bees. The task of the bees is pollination, that’s their task. It’s a very delicate process of electric magnetic fields and everything like it. It’s profoundly interesting. But those bees are not aware of that, they don’t know that at all. They are just going around collecting honey, that’s their job collecting honey. But their main task is something else and the same thing with human beings. We go around by doing our normal things but basically our task is to change energy. We are big transformers. That’s the human niche.

If you ask me exactly: “Why are we seeing this world? Why are we living in this world? Why we see the mess around us.” I would say: “Well, we have a heavy task now.” We have a heavy task to make this world, which from all logical perspective seems to be absurd, into something acceptable. By infusing it with something else. Love for instance.

In the face of the state of the world, you ask me ‘What can one person do?’

There’s a nice story:

There was a big fire in the forest. And all the animals were trying to extinguish the fire. And they were all running to the river to carry water and to take water to where the fire was. And the big elephants were sucking up the water and spreading it over the fire.

And while an elephant was busy with that, he saw a very small bird, a very tiny bird, going to the river, take a little bit of water and flying to the fire.

And then the elephant said to the bird: What is that? What are you doing? This doesn’t make any difference.

And then the bird said to the elephant: Yes but that’s what I can do….

That’s the answer, you see? That’s what you’re supposed to do.

Life is never asking the impossible. Life is asking the possible.

So, do what you can. And let life take care of itself. As long as you are honest in what you are doing and integer in what you are doing, it will reflect. And life will make the perfect bouillabaisse.


You ask me why does somebody come to a spiritual master?

You should understand a spiritual master is not a guru, he’s not teaching you something. I don’t want anything from you. You can’t even follow me.

What I do is, I try to change something in you that you can not reach by your own rationality. You cannot reach it by your own wishes.

A famous saying from Buddhism is: ‘As long as you want to be enlightened you can’t be enlightened’. Because something else has to happen for that. It’s a shifting of consciousness into an area which is entirely you but which is outside the field of conscious experience.

Therefore I use the harp. Because in this movement between you and me, and the sound as a means of communication, you enter a different stage, you enter a different field. And you may not know that and most people who come from such an experience don’t know what happens to them and can’t pinpoint it. But something very profound has happened.

And throughout the time they reach what they envisaged to reach. For some it is healing, for some it’s an insight, for some it’s enlightenment, for some it’s happiness. And that is entirely up to the person who comes.

So, the spiritual master is helping the person to become more him- or herself.

yoginam abbahji

If you want to know what a spiritual master is doing, you have to know what a spiritual master is.

A spiritual master is somebody who in one or another way, attracts devotees and I don’t know why. But, apart from just being charismatic, the real duty of a spiritual master, that what makes him a real spiritual master is that he makes the conclusion that he should care for those people who come to him for his advice and his guidance.

And then there are two ways you can deal with that. The bad way is that the spiritual master says: Oh I know everything and you have to become like me. Poor devotees, but if it’s their path, it’s their path.

I say: no, no, everybody is individual. And I will guide everybody according to who they are. If a Muslim comes to me, I guide him as a Muslim. If a Hindu comes to me, I guide him as a Hindu. If an atheist comes to me, I guide him as an atheist. And if a Buddhist comes to me, I guide him as a Buddhist.

Because, everybody is an individual and everybody has an individual life. And what is important is that that particular person becomes so complete that he is allowed of ah… it is possible for him to have two wings. So I have to activate this wings, this other wing, this awareness wing.

That is for everybody different. But there are certain ways, the last 6000 years that we know that work. Because we are human beings and we have a kind of programmes in our head. We react in particular ways. And therefore there are certain methods which you can use. But that is not something consciously using a method like psycho-analysis or something like it.

No it’s, listening. Listening to that in which both you and the spiritual master share. There’s never a spiritual master here and a seeker there. Never. The moment the seeker comes to the spiritual master, there is a unity master-seeker. So, there is never a flow from one side to the other side. It is always a swimming together in the universe. Swimming together in love. And while swimming, the spiritual master teaches the seeker to swim.

But he has to swim alone. I can’t keep holding his hand, he has to swim alone. The spiritual master is not the teacher that he’s often been taken for. The spiritual master has no influence on the … or does not seek influence, let’s say it that way. These are all projections of the people who write about that.


Everything you do is determined by your identification.

So if you ask me: ‘What can be done about the state of the world?’, my answer is:

‘It depends on the identification of yourself. You are part of the world. Every cell of you is part of life, every thought of you is part of life, every emotion of you is part of life. So if you want to change something, start with yourself and start with shifting your identification from the ego centred interest of ‘I want this and I want that. I don’t like this and I don’t like that’ to a situation of listening to the universe. Becoming one with life as you are one of life. So, shifting back to where you belong.’

That’s my answer.

Abbahji on raising children

The Breath is a total focus of concentration. It is a door that opens you. In every thought that you may have or every sentence that you may concoct in your mind, you define yourself. So if you have a kind of mantra, which has a meaning, you define yourself by saying that meaning, so you become that meaning. It’s still a very rational process, because the meaning is capturing with your mind that what is inherent in this mantra.

The Breath on the other hand, is something entirely different. It’s a sound that you synchronise with your breathing. Because it has no meaning as such, you don’t hold on to the meaning, so you let flow, you let flow, you let go of your mind. It is attached to breathing which is the fullest activity that we can have because we take in the totality of air in our body and we breathe it out. So it’s a kind of Oneness movement in your body, while your attention is captured by that what you cannot know, that’s something you don’t know. And therefore the Breath is such a powerful tool to reach an attunement with awareness, which you cannot know.

Don’t forget all the exercises that you are conscious of doing, is always an element of experience. Experience is one of the wings of the Angel. What matters in becoming complete, is that you activate the other wing. The wing that is close to us. The Breath is an ultimate instrument, is a very ancient instrument and in our age is often neglected because it’s not rational, you can’t understand it, but that’s the power of it, you cannot understand it.

Since I don’t know how many years, maybe thousands of years, people have realised the importance of the Breath just by experiencing it. By doing it you gradually start to realise how important it is because things will happen to you. Things become clearer to you, from odd angles.

Nobody ever walks in a street and says: “Oh I am enlightened now”, no it doesn’t happen like this. It’s just in your reaction to ordinary life situations that you start reacting differently. And for you that’s normal. But gradually there’s going to be a difference between the reaction of ordinary people and your reaction. And that’s what’s happening.

You might experience different stages; you might experience more contentment for instance, happiness, well-being. You’ll be better able to handle misfortune. All that can be realised by the Breath.

It is very important that you do not select. First of all you can’t select the Breath because it’s a secret, you have to receive the Breath. If you select it, it is a ‘you’ who selected it. “Oh I like this, oh I like that”. No you have to receive the Breath. So the Breath is the single most powerful tool you can use for opening to the state of the Angel.

Abbahji on raising children

When you look at the world, when you look at the way of behaviour, when you look at these kind of symptoms of children who refuse to go to school, who are being bullied, who are into violence, who are very early into drugs, and all escapism, I can’t make another conclusion than the one that says we are completely on the wrong way.

We are not educating our children. We are trying to shape our children into economic units that may be useful for those who rule society. That’s what we’re trying to do. We don’t teach them the love of wisdom, we don’t teach them the love of art, we don’t teach them the love of music, certainly not in the north.

In China yes, in China music is part of the curriculum. Why? Because it makes better engineers. A child who plays the piano learns to communicate better in the mind, in the brain. So it trains the brain. It synchronises the body better.

I think we are very artistic creatures, we have been making music since the ancient time, we have been painting on walls every, every, every community has done that. I think everybody should do that, everybody should be encouraged that because it’s a very personal, it’s a very enriching way of living. Therefore we should try to educate children as human beings, with all the qualities and all the potentialities of human being. And we should certainly, certainly stress the spiritual aspect.

I don’t say the religious aspect because religious aspect is very often a prison. That limits. We should teach them the spiritual side of life. How we can communicate with the birds, how we can communicate with the plants, how we can communicate with ourselves and with nature as a whole.

And of course the children, you shouldn’t talk about transcendence with children. Children have first have to learn to be egos, have to learn to be the ‘I’s. It’s very bad to open them for transcendental concepts early in life. Because they get confused. They have to have a strong foundation. But this foundation should be based on the love of each other, the love of nature and the love of their lives. Not on stress of getting a new examination and learning a lot of useless things.

So, if you want to have a healthy future generation, you really have to do something very profound with the educational system, I’m afraid. Very very profound. And I hope it will happen. But before that maybe we have to go through a crisis. Before the politicians will realise that something is wrong. At the moment we don’t have politicians, we have managers. We have bank managers, who are managing. We don’t have people with vision. And that’s the way it is, we can’t change that. And I think that if more people become aware of their spiritual nature and the resonance of this becomes more normal, automatically other kinds of people will emerge.

You see, we lack people of vision. Now why do we lack people of vision? Because our society is dead, because a society which is healthy will automatically produce people with vision. The last generations we had people with vision, you can call them, you have books about them. People with vision. With all their limitation but at the same time with vision. And do we have people with vision nowadays? I don’t see them. And it’s society which produces them. So we shouldn’t lament about the fact that we don’t have people with vision, we should think as why aren’t we producing them. Big task ahead. Very big task ahead.