You ask me why does somebody come to a spiritual master?

You should understand a spiritual master is not a guru, he’s not teaching you something. I don’t want anything from you. You can’t even follow me.

What I do is, I try to change something in you that you can not reach by your own rationality. You cannot reach it by your own wishes.

A famous saying from Buddhism is: ‘As long as you want to be enlightened you can’t be enlightened’. Because something else has to happen for that. It’s a shifting of consciousness into an area which is entirely you but which is outside the field of conscious experience.

Therefore I use the harp. Because in this movement between you and me, and the sound as a means of communication, you enter a different stage, you enter a different field. And you may not know that and most people who come from such an experience don’t know what happens to them and can’t pinpoint it. But something very profound has happened.

And throughout the time they reach what they envisaged to reach. For some it is healing, for some it’s an insight, for some it’s enlightenment, for some it’s happiness. And that is entirely up to the person who comes.

So, the spiritual master is helping the person to become more him- or herself.